30th Birthday Card

Monday, 27 April 2009

Weekend flew by as normal. Didn't get round to making any cards, as I was trying to get my new cards photo's on here, Folksy, Misi, Etsy. I have spent hours. You never know I might just get to make a couple of cards during the week. I have health issues and do not wish to bore people with them all, suffice to say things are not good and getting very down about it all. I will apologise to all that have sent me really nice comments and I have not replied to them . So I am very sorry. I do read all the crafty bloggers out there, I must start to leave comments.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Yes, I have done it made 2 cards yesterday. I will be adding them to my website and etsy etc soon.They are in black and white age 50 and age 30 cards targeted towards men. Wanted to do some more today, not a chance. Having to try and find paper work my daughter needs for University. Have spent all day in front of the paper shredder, finding the documents needed right near the end of the pile

Monday, 20 April 2009

Still no crafting all weekend. Not feeling good over weekend, had house work to do. Sunday went out for a lovely walk. I AM GOING TO GET SOME CARDS DONE

Friday, 17 April 2009

Another week over and still I havn't managed to get any cards done. I do hope I can over the weekend. I have done most of the hard work. I only have to choose the colour scheme for the card and put them all together. I have stamped out the birthday numbers 18.21,30.40, 50 and 60. I have decorated in 3 different colourways suitable for both men and women. Once I finished them I want to do cards with numbers for children with some added children stamps. I think I might try and have ago tonight

Friday, 10 April 2009

I have planned to craft over the weekend starting today. But as always with my planned time hardly ever happens So far today I have been pushed around with trolley rage in Tescos still havn't proof read my daughters dissertation for the second time,dog keeps on being sick and finally I'm having alot of pain in my back and I want to go to bed but I can't as the dogs been sick on our bed so quilt is in the washing machine. So I don't thing I will get any crafting today.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

So much for me doing some cards today, no housework, nothing but no. I have spent most of the morning looking for background on my blog, leading onto change the font, the colour.I've settled for whats on now and I'm not fiddling with it any more . I have to read through my daughters dissertation. Fingers crossed for this afternoon.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I did the blog below last week and some how lost the content. Well I found it today so I thought I better post it. So here is this weeks episode. Great news I have sold another card on etsy this is the second one. It has made me pull my finger out and produce more cards. Over the week end I think I have got through a whole pot of gold embossing and silver and black glitter. Today I will continue with glitter but using various other colours. I have to do all my card making on our dinning room table with a very heavy duty cover. Today one end of it, is me crafting and at the other, my eldest daughter is doing her dissertation, choaking on glitter dust. So I am off holding my trusty tube of glue in one hand in the other you've guest it my tub of glitter.

Welcome to my blog. I recently started up cardsespecially4you on the back of me making cards for friends and family. I started making cards a couple of years ago as I needed something to fill my day as I am disabled with limited mobility. Any way I have been encouraged to make more cards and sell them. I have been to a couple of table top sales at my local hospital and sold nearly all of the cards. I thought I might try a website and this blogg. I know nothing about blogging. So I will go with the flow and see if I can improve it as I go. I've only got 4 cards on my site, even so please visit it.

21st Birthday Card