30th Birthday Card

Saturday, 30 May 2009

FA cup final. Come CHELSEA. Yep I do love football, we are all ardent Chelsea Supports. Not that confident that we will when. We'll see. I have managed to complete the important birthday range of card. All photo'd just need to load them up and put on website, folksy, etc. Our eldest daughter has moved down to Bristol with her boyfriend. Not sure how I feel, she hasn't really lived at home for the past 4 years what with Uni and 1 year placement. It was all the important keepsakes she took with her that brought the lump to my throat. I don't think it will be to long before our youngest will be moving out to live with her boyfriend. We will see. God I have gone on a bit. I'm using this a bit like a journal perhaps I should do one. It's a shame it's such a lovely day out side but the football is calling.

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  1. Bristol is great! ;) Pop in for a cuppa when you visit her. Good to hear that you've got the cards done in time to watch the footie!


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