30th Birthday Card

Monday, 8 June 2009

Have finished the number cards and put them on my website. I want to start to do some gift boxes and some simple cards. But I do still have to put them on my misi and folkey. I will also put a couple of pics on here. My hubbies in south Africa for 3 weeks missing him already. So is Zoe (the dog)she's not very happy at all. My eldest daughter has moved down to Bristol for a year of Teacher Training plus her boyfriend so missing her to (so is Zoe) even though she(daughter) has been to Uni for 4 years, but it's final, she's left home. Now youngest is moving out to be with her boyfriend, she is staying in the village so that's not to bad. We have to accept that we brought them up to be independent. I moved out and got married when I was 23. I did also marry him within 10ths of meeting him and I wasn't pregnent. I must go a stop boring everybody.

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  1. Girls are taking after you - that's a good thing! :D You turned out OK ;)


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